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Queue management system based on IoT & Cloud Technologies

Designed to give customers better service, ensure employees have the time and space to perform their tasks effectively and give all management tools to stay in control. Perks Reduce waiting times and minimize ...

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Introducing TeamConnect Ceiling Solutions: Elevating Conferencing Audio Quality

Sennheiser, a name synonymous with trusted commercial audio quality, brings forth its latest innovation in conferencing technology – the TeamConnect Ceiling Solutions. Designed to meet the demands of modern hyb...

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Gio Series: Elevating Networked AV Connectivity

GIO Experience seamless connectivity with Xilica’s Gio Series, the ultimate solution for networked AV integration. By leveraging standard network infrastructure, Gio Series streamlines audio and video sig...

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Streamlining User Experience & IT Management

Barco and Microsoft have joined forces to streamline meeting room technology. Through this collaboration, Barco’s ClickShare devices will now seamlessly integrate with Microsoft’s Teams Rooms Pro Ma...

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Revolutionizing Audience Engagement: The Power of Crowd Mics

Audience engagement is crucial for successful live events, presentations, and meetings, but traditional microphone systems often fall short in promoting participation and mobility. Biamp’s Crowd Mics tech...
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Transforming Engagements: Explore the AmpliWave-SAA5

The AVer AmpliWave transforms physical interactions with advanced features, empowering educators, businesses, and presenters to create dynamic and engaging experiences in today’s digital age. Features: ...