Professional Wireless Security

IT Infrastructure

The Ajax Security System is a comprehensive solution to safeguard your Office, business, or home bringing you the latest advancements in Intrusion protection, Fire detection, Water leak prevention Comfort & Productivity.

Choose between wireless and wired. The solution offers a state-of-the-art defense against potential intruders and hazards. Say goodbye to worries and say hello to a safer, smarter business/home.




Delivers the status of the system devices in real time




Hub 2 Plus

Hub is a security central unit for all system devices, Ajax hub instantly notifies users and a security company of alarm activation at a facility. Up to 4 communication channels ensure stable communication despite interference or blackout.

Ajax hubs are equipped with a built-in backup battery or can connect to third-party batteries providing up to 60 hours of operation without an external power supply. And installing a low-voltage power supply unit and connecting an additional battery can extend the hub’s autonomous operation for weeks, months, or even years.

Leak Protect

Ajax wireless water leak detectors can prevent flooding from the first drops. As soon as water seeps into one of the four pairs of sensors, the system instantly activates an alarm. Notifications about floods are transmitted to users and a security company. And WaterStop can automatically shut off the water until emergency services arrive.


Motion Cam

Ajax wireless and wired motion sensors detect intruders from the first steps, whether outdoors or indoors. When an attacker enters the field of view of the PIR sensors, the detector analyzes the body’s thermal radiation, making sure that it is a human, and then activates the alarm. It all happens in less than a second. The product line includes both wired and wireless Ajax motion detectors. Depending on the detector type, they can be installed indoors and outdoors.

Fire Protect

The Ajax system’s fire barrier is wireless fire detectors that instantly alert about smoke detection, rapid temperature rise, or dangerous CO concentration level. As part of the Ajax security system, fire detectors alert users and a security company via built-in and connected sirens, mobile apps, SMS, or calls. Multiple detectors connected to the hub can synchronously activate an alarm in 20 seconds if at least one of them is triggered, which eliminates the risk of missing an alarm. Having a built-in 85 dB buzzer, Ajax fire detectors are always ready to report danger, regardless of power supply or control panel connection.


Door Protect

Ajax wireless and wired opening detectors consist of two parts: the reed switches and a magnet in a separate casing. A reed switch is an electrical contact in a sealed container that closes as the magnet approaches and opens when the magnet is more than 1 cm away. In this way, the contact alarm sensor registers both the opening and closing, and the security system notifies users and a monitoring station.

Glass Protect

Glass break detectors are an additional protection layer for property not only from burglars but also vandals and bad weather. Ajax wired and wireless detectors activate an alarm as soon as they detect two consecutive sounds: a low-frequency impact sound and a high-frequency sound of shattering glass. The DualTone digital algorithm verifies this. If attackers try to enter a house through a broken window, break a shop window to get goods, or a branch that fell during a storm breaks a window — the system immediately notifies users and a security company. At the same time, a passing car, thunder, and barking dogs do not cause false alarms.


Ajax sirens

A siren is the only alarm element that should attract attention. That is why attackers try to disable it first. Ajax sirens are protected from vandals and have a loud buzzer that will attract the attention of a whole neighborhood. A powerful alarm sounder, bright LED, weatherproof housing, and a built-in accelerometer that notifies of an attempt to dismantle the siren are all essential elements combined in an outdoor alarm siren to ensure the protection of a cottage, private home, or office.

The compact and minimalist housing of the indoor siren packs a powerful sound and a tamper, which alerts about detaching the siren from the mount. Ajax sirens also indicate security status, delays when entering/leaving, and door opening when the system is disarmed.

Radio signal range extenders

Radio signal range extenders are an effortless way to expand your security. They come in handy when devices connected to the Ajax system locate on different floors, in a nearby building, or at a significant distance from the hub. With ReX, the security system has a stable connection with the devices, making protection complete and faultless.


Control devices and panic buttons

Aside from mobile apps, users can manage the Ajax security system with keyfobs and keypads. And we designed them to be as convenient as possible. Protection against accidental clicks, command execution confirmation, and stylish design — all this turns a simple alarm keyfob into a gadget you want to use.

Ajax control devices are protected from signal tampering and interception, and the notification feed in the mobile app records who and when deactivated protection. The product line includes both wired and wireless Ajax devices.