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Gio Series: Elevating Networked AV Connectivity


Experience seamless connectivity with Xilica’s Gio Series, the ultimate solution for networked AV integration.

By leveraging standard network infrastructure, Gio Series streamlines audio and video signal routing across your facility, enhancing user experiences with centralized monitoring and management. Gio Series closes the gap between consumer peripherals, computers, and analog audio equipment, enabling end-to-end networked AV solutions for unparalleled ease, flexibility, and scalability.


Gio USB enhances the convenience of Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) by seamlessly integrating laptops and UC appliances into the installed network. Designed for multi-room deployments, it streamlines networked processing, reducing costs significantly. Compatible with leading soft-codec platforms like Microsoft Teams, Gio USB offers driverless operation and intuitive control over audio, making it ideal for hybrid work environments. Its easy installation and discreet mounting ensure flexibility and convenience in any setup.

Key Features

  • USB-to-Dante endpoint for bidirectional audio transmission over IT networks
  • Compact design for discreet installation under tables or behind displays
  • Compatible with all UC platforms, including device status sync for Microsoft Teams.

Perks of Gio USB

  • Place USB ports where your device is, enabling hybrid work and BYOM for employee laptops, or minimizing cables from in-room PCs.
  • Consolidate your processing setup by moving audio between rooms and the data center via the network, reducing costs across multiple rooms for substantial savings.
  • Overcome the range constraints of conventional USB cables using effortless CatX cable installations.

Gio Bluetooth

Streamline AV connectivity with the Gio Bluetooth in-wall module. This solution enables BYOD setups, offering Bluetooth 5.0 Class 1 technology for superior range and clarity. Gio Bluetooth integrates personal devices seamlessly with in-room AV systems, providing IT management functionality. With easy installation and configurable features for conferencing, it’s ideal for enterprise environments, controllable remotely for added convenience

Perks of Gio Bluetooth

  • Bluetooth 5.0 Class 1 technology for enhanced reach and clear communication.
  • Business-grade management and security functionalities.
  • Tailored for superior conferencing with diverse pairing configurations and UCI-triggered functionalities.
  • Crafted with StudioX design for effortless integration in top-tier collaboration environments.


True connection unlocks the power of possibilities. With Gio XLR, proprietary analog audio products can be connected to an installed network for centralized management, routing, and control. Leveraging Dante audio-over-IP technology, Gio XLR is a dual-gang in-wall endpoint with a single cable installation for both power and data. It offers a 2×2 input/output combination with mic/line switching and software-selected 48V Phantom power, making Gio XLR a versatile bridge between audio and IT.

Perks of Gio XLR

  • Transform existing public spaces, such as cafeterias and lobbies, into capable meeting venues for all-hands and training events with the ability to connect an external audio system.
  • Convert current public areas like cafeterias and lobbies, into versatile meeting spaces suitable for large gatherings and training sessions, equipped to link with external audio setups.
  • Leverage networked AV infrastructure for environments where analog audio equipment is widespread, such as in convention centers, ballrooms, and hospitality venues.
  • Enable expansion of room audio systems in lecture theatres and auditoria for special events.