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MD330U Medical Grade PTZ Camera; Revolutionizing Healthcare

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MD330U Medical Grade PTZ Camera; Revolutionizing Healthcare

Introducing the MD330U Medical Grade PTZ Camera – a game-changer in the healthcare industry. With its cutting-edge technology, the MD330U is revolutionizing the way healthcare professionals operate. This camera is designed to provide high-quality imaging that is critical in medical procedures. From surgeries to consultations, the MD330U offers unmatched precision, clarity, and flexibility. With its advanced features, this camera is set to become an indispensable tool for healthcare professionals.
The Aver’s medical-grade camera offers advanced technology and immense utility in various healthcare settings making it a versatile camera that can be used for Tele-ICU patient monitoring or Telehealth conferencing PTZ camera for a mobile cart. Additionally, the camera has a detachable camera head that allows healthcare professionals to capture close-up images of patients from different angles, no matter where they are. With its 4k resolution camera, you can get crystal-clear images of the patient’s features, which can help in accurate diagnosis and treatment. It also has an embedded audio system with speakerphone and noise reduction technology, which ensures clear communication between healthcare professionals and patients. This camera’s advanced features and excellent performance make it an indispensable tool for healthcare professionals who want to provide exceptional care services to their patients.


The camera design, allows the doctor to use the motorized remote-controlled PTZ functionality. The detachable camera head provides different viewing areas, allows healthcare personnel to get closer images with autofocus and one-click photo shooting high resolution images.


    • 3oX Optical zoom
    • 4k Output Resolution
    • Speedy Focus
    • Wide Angle PTZ
    • Handheld Camera Head
    • 1 cm working distance
    • One Button Snapshot
    • One Button Fill Light
    • In-Built Microphone and Speakerphone
    • Infrared for Night View