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Discover the true meaning of flexibility: Confidea G4 Wireless confrencing system

Televic is pleased to introduce, the 4th-generation wireless conferencing system, designed to meet the ever-increasing demand for flexibility and versatility in meetings. With its exceptional flexibility, Confidea G4 offers unparalleled flexibility from the number of participants to the type of conference room while providing pristine audio quality without the need for any cables.


The system can serve multipurpose meeting rooms and can be adjusted to cater to various meeting needs, be it basic or large-scale. You can select from multiple microphone options to ensure high-quality sound output. Installing a microphone is as easy as pushing and locking it while removing it from the station requires just a simple button press.


You can seamlessly connect on-site and remote participants in your meetings by utilizing any meeting platform of your preference, such as Teams, Zoom, or Webex. You can further enhance the meeting experience by integrating a camera tracking system that follows the speaker’s movements and ensures everyone stays engaged and focused


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The Conferencing System of the future, Confidea FLEX G4. This all-in-one wireless device is designed to provide you with an easy setup and configuration process coupled with advanced features for top-notch quality and user-friendliness. With just a simple tap, you can activate or deactivate features like voting, authentication, and language channels. What’s more, you can easily switch between chairperson and delegate modes on a single device.

On the touchscreen, you can find all the important information related to your meeting, such as the agenda, the name of the speaker, your queue position, polls, and more. You can even customize the layout by adding your logo. The Confidea FLEX G4 has a unique appearance and offers a distinct user experience. It comes with haptic feedback for specific interactions like voting procedures. The system produces a gentle vibration when you submit your vote, simulating the sensation of a physical touch.



The Confidea GO G4 is a convenient solution for those who prefer simplicity. With its discussion-only unit and no display, it enables easy connectivity to any remote platform and hassle-free meetings. Created to solve situations where advanced meeting features are unnecessary while maintaining the same appearance and texture as the Confidea FLEX G4. The GO G4 can be used as a single delegate, dual delegate, or chairperson unit, and offers a scalable configuration, easy setup and configuration, and intelligent battery management.


The compact, discreet yet powerful Confidea WAP G4 access point is the heart of the wireless conference system. It comes with a set of tools to define the optimal use of channels within the RF spectrum, ensuring reliable, secure, and robust communication with the wireless conference units. The built-in web-based software will guide the installer through the configuration of the system. By adding a license, extra meeting management tools can be unlocked and offer meeting moderation, voting, participant identification, and reporting capabilities. The access point also has a wealth of connectivity options. Powering the device can be done via a standard PoE+ switch or power injector, the Confidea PS G4. Both analog and digital (Dante) interfaces are available for interfacing 3rd party audio systems like presentation systems, room audio systems, or hybrid meeting platforms. Easy recording capabilities are provided with options to record on internal or external storage.