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All-in-one dual-channel wireless audio solution for hybrid Setups.

Microflex MXW Next 2

All-in-one dual-channel wireless audio solution for hybrid Setups.

Meetings and collaborations have become more hybrid, with participants joining in-person and remotely. To improve this experience, the MXW Next 2 is an all-in-one dual-channel wireless microphone solution for meetings, training rooms, and lectures. This system is equipped to cater to both local and far-end participants, providing a seamless audio experience.
The system consists of a tabletop transceiver and two microphones. As it’s a 2-channel wireless system, you can choose between bodypack, handheld microphones to pass around for QandA, or boundary microphones for seated participants, depending on conferencing preferences.

The MXWAPXD2 Tabletop Access point transceiver has various features as shown below;

  • Responsible for charging the bodypack, handheld, or boundary microphone.
  • Its onboard DSP includes automatic mixing, echo cancellation, noise reduction and gain control to avoid distractions.
  • The system can be configured with presets that enable sending mic and program audio to remote participants, room loudspeakers, or both during presentations or conferences. This ensures a seamless and hassle-free audio experience for everyone involved.
  • The transceiver has various interfaces available – Analog I/O, Dual RJ45 with Dante, and USB Audio. These interfaces make it easy to connect to various devices such as a computer, room speaker system for sound reinforcement, and videoconferencing codec.

As mentioned earlier, MXW Next 2 allows you to choose between two microphone transmitters that suit your requirements. These microphones drop into charging slots in the transceiver at the end of the day so they’re always ready to use.

The MXW1X bodypack transmitter is compatible with popular Shure Lavalier microphones that let presenters keep their hands free.

The MXW2X handheld transmitter is an ideal choice to facilitate audience Q&A or for presenters who prefer holding the microphone.

The MXW6X boundary transmitter can be placed on a table or desktop to pick up a seated participant.

Benefits of using the MXW Next2

  • The charging station, digital signal processing, and audio interface make it an All-in-one device that is fully equipped.
  • It being a dual-channel system, it gives the user a choice of microphone to use based on the meeting preferences.
  • The system offers great coverage of up to 50 meters.
  • The system also ensures crystal audio regardless of the room type.
  • Using the AES-256 encryption, the system provides enhanced privacy for meeting audio.

The MXW NeXt 2 integrated wireless system is the next step in audio for hybrid events in corporate and higher education meeting spaces.