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TRx: Centralised Video Wall Management Platform

TRx is a software designed for managing video walls in professional and mission-critical environments. It combines AV-over-IP distribution, advanced multi-video wall, and KVM management. It is used in control rooms, security operation centers, and corporate workspaces worldwide.

TRx is a versatile tool that allows you to manage and distribute almost any type of source to any display with a simple drag and drop method, without requiring any programming knowledge. This simplifies the deployment of complex AV-over-IP projects, reduces the risk, and minimizes on-site deployment time. Installing TRx is easy, and it enables you to route and service hundreds of sources and displays within your facility. Its open architecture is designed to be scalable, interoperable, and future-proof, making it a valuable investment for your business.

TRx Workflow

TRx Applications

  • Control Rooms – Video Wall Control & KVM
  • Corporate Workspaces – Multi-source Visualisation
  • Experience Centers – Versatile Display Management
  • Crisis Rooms – Unified Visualization
  • Lobby Signage – Content Management & Distribution
  • Classrooms & Auditoriums – Presentation & Collaboration

Web-Based Management

Manage and control the system with any standard browser from anywhere on the network. No software to install.

Advanced video Wall Management

Control and manipulate content on any video wall with easy drag-and-drop. Open any source, move it, resize it, crop it, or zoom. Send layouts to any other wall.

Advanced Multi-Display Visualisation

Display pristine-quality content from any source to any display type, whether LCD, LED, or projector, of any size and any aspect ratio.

Video Wall Stitching

unlimited-sized video walls by stitching multiple PAK video wall nodes or VuStream 510 SDVoE decoders for a full SDVoE video wall. The stitching feature brings increased processing scalability, flexibility, and redundancy.

Source Management

manage all sources quickly and efficiently with intuitive UI. Sort, filter, preview mode, etc. Supports a wide range of IP streams, HDMI, DP, and HD-SDI sources, Windows applications, screen captures, pictures, videos, websites, and documents.

User Rights Management

Administrators can fine-tune permissions to individual users or groups with or without Active Directory. Access restrictions can be set on floors, zones, sources, and displays.

Audio Management

Manage audio controls for all encoders, decoders, and video wall controllers including physical inputs and browsers.

KVM Control

KVM devices can be fully integrated, controlled, and used in TRx. Enhanced features include private mode and USB device switching.

Secure Data

All data transmitted between the TRx web server and the HTML5 client is fully encrypted with TLS 1.2. Sources and IP streams are secured with 128-bit AES encryption.

Powerful Scripting Tools

Built-in tool to easily create custom macro-commands and automate a series of tasks that may include commands to manipulate layouts and triggers or control external devices.

Supported Devices

TRx supports VuWall’s VuStream series of encoders/decoders, VuWall’s VuScape & PAK video wall processors, IHSE KVM switches, Matrox Maevex, SDVoE, NDI, and SRT encoders/decoders.

Redundancy & Availability

Ensure full availability and control of your visualization infrastructure with redundancy and High Availability (HA) options.