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Logitech Sight: In-Room Perspective for Remote Users

In medium-to-large conference rooms, a display, camera, and speaker are positioned at the end of the table to capture the entire room of participants for viewers on the end of the call. If you are attending a large meeting remotely, you may experience some difficulties. For instance, you may not be able to hear everyone equally because some people’s voices may be too soft or the microphone may not capture their voices equally. Additionally, people sitting at the far end of the table may be hard to see, while others may be blocked by the person sitting next to them. As a result, the remote participants may feel excluded from the discussion and may find it challenging to participate.


Introducing Logitech Sight, an AI-powered solution to cater to all participants in the Meetings.

The Logitech Sight is an AI-powered tabletop camera that works in conjunction with Rally Bar or Rally Bar Mini to capture each in-room meeting participant and track conversations as they move around the conference room. Logitech sight gives remote users the perspective they’ve been missing, a view of each in-room participant as if they’re physically present in the middle of the room. It complements that classic front-of-room view that allows participants to see everything happening in the room all at once.

Logitech Sight provides a more immersive hybrid meeting experience for remote participants by allowing them to interact with in-room participants face-to-face. Unlike traditional front-of-room camera and microphone solutions, it places remote attendees right in the middle of the action, allowing them to better understand the in-room dynamics, body language, and other physical cues from each person in the room. By doing so, remote users no longer feel like they are on the sidelines, but rather, as if they are right in the middle of the discussion.

With dual 4K cameras and seven beamforming microphones, Sight can present up to four active speakers and capture audio equally from each in-room participant. When there are more than four people in the room, Sight will dynamically and seamlessly replace speakers as they contribute to the conversation.

In future releases of CollabOS (the software operating system that runs Logitech video conferencing devices), Sight will even coordinate with Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini to switch camera feeds intelligently, providing the remote participant with a constant front-facing image.

Smart Switching will be available through a future software update.