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ICT Solutions

Data, Networking & HW Solutions

With Practices around Core Networking, Security, Wireless solutions and Mobility, we create the necessary foundation to develop solutions and services offerings to help our clients adopt more advanced ICT strategies.

Our Model: Assessment > Design > Deploy

IT Support & Consultancy

We offer fully managed and Remote IT support. A fully managed IT Support package. It’s perfect for small to medium businesses who want all of their IT needs looked after. Our team of qualified engineers provides a fast and efficient service for a fixed monthly cost.

Remote IT support packages perfect for small to medium companies who want a fast and efficient service whilst reduce on-going costs by only paying for on-site support as and when it is needed.

Computer Supplies

From Desktop PCs, Laptops, Workstations, Servers to Printers, Parts & Accessories. Whether it’s entry level family, high performance business or ultra power gaming, you’ll find all you need with us.