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Proel PA FREE1 – Portable amplified sound system

FREE1 unit is Proel’s answer to the continuous increasing demand for autonomous portable audio systems dedicated to voice and music amplification  in ambients where there is no voltage power supply source or cable connection difficulties due to  the length to be covered between the power source and the unit to be powered. FREE1 is a completely portable amplification system featuring high acoustic performance and is equipped with two way loudspeakers and 35W RMS amplifier.This unit is suitable for voice reinforcement  during  conferences, exhibitions, sporting or religious events, etc. FREE1 is a quartz equipped UHF wireless microphone system to ensure High frequency stability level to allow the speaker to move freely. FREE1 is complete with BLUETOOTH interface, MP3/USB/SD card, one microphone input and one AUX input dedicated to a possible external source. The internal rechargeable battery has been designed to ensure good operating autonomy (approximately 3 hours) whilst the unit weight has been contained to optimise transportability.   The ABS box acoustic cabinet is is complete with a shoulder strap, while the dedicated flange set on the bottom of the unit allows for stand floor use.

Main features:

  • 35W Amplifier
  • BLUETOOTH interface
  • USB/SD-card Reader with illuminated alphanumeric display and separate volume control
  • One UHF wireless microphone (band 863-865MHz) with separate volume control
  • one MIC IN jack 6,3mm and separate volume control
  • One LINE IN jack 6,3mm and separate volume control
  • Two-way speaker
  • Built-in lead-acid 12V / 3AH battery (duration up to 3 hours)
  • Switching power supply included indication of the charging status
  • M6 thread for dedicated optional pole mounting SPSK105BKF5
  • Protective shoulder bag with front opening to allow for use during operation