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Cyber Security Services & Products

Routine Cybersecurity and Risk Assessment

If Your Employees’ Login Credentials Are Being Sold On The Dark Web?
IF Your IT Systems And Data Are Truly Secured From Hackers, Cybercriminals, Viruses, Worms And Even Sabotage By Rogue Employees?

IF Your Current Backup Would Allow You To Be Back Up And Running Again Fast If Ransomware Locked All Your Files?

DO Your Employees Truly Know How To Spot A Phishing E-Mail?

Are Your IT Systems, Backups And Overall Network Infrastructure In Sync With Compliance Requirements For HIPAA, GLBA And SOX?

Ransomware Protection (advanced endpoint security)

Ransomware is a sophisticated piece of malware that blocks the victim’s access to his/her files, and the only way to regain access to the files is to pay a ransom.

There are two types of ransomware in circulation:
Encrypting ransomware, which incorporates advanced encryption algorithms. It’s designed to block system files and demand payment to provide the victim with the key that can decrypt the blocked content. Examples include CryptoLocker, Locky, CrytpoWall and more.

Locker ransomware, which locks the victim out of the operating system, making it impossible to access the desktop and any apps or files. The files are not encrypted in this case, but the attackers still ask for a ransom to unlock the infected computer. Examples include the police-themed ransomware or Winlocker.

Security Awareness Training - Social Engineering

95% of data breaches are caused by human error. Ransomware, email phishing, phone scams and many more involve untrained staff doing the wrong thing. No antivirus or firewall can protect you against your staff’s errors.

Social engineering is the term used for a broad range of malicious activities accomplished through human interactions. It uses psychological manipulation to trick users into making security mistakes or giving away sensitive information.

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Dynamic endpoint security for mid-size businesses
Manage your company IT security from a single web console. Ensure business continuity, minimize downtime and benefit from ESET’s light footprint and flexible licensing.

Efficient endpoint security for small businesses
Easily manageable IT security software incorporating ransomware protection. Install and forget. Cloud-based administrator maximizes convenience and slashes hardware expense.

ESET® Dynamic Mail Protection Bundled Solutions
Protect your users and their email, the most exploited threat vector

Legendary antivirus technology
Multi-layered security protects you against all types of online and offline threats and prevents malware spreading to other users.

Banking and privacy secured
Prevent unauthorized access to your computer and misuse of your data. Stay safe while making online payments and accessing e-wallets.

Install and forget
Easy to install, renew and upgrade, our security is also designed for simple set up of all routine tasks. If you want, fine-tune your profile with 150 detailed settings.

Minimal power usage
Play, work and browse the internet without slowdowns. Stay unplugged and online longer with battery-saving mode, and enjoy gaming without distracting pop-ups.